Folding News 15/06/06

Here’s the story on your work units p2407 and p2409.

Apparently there are very few of these work units. The assignment server (.142) is only dishing out around 1 per hour. Supposedly, if the work unit did show up in the psummary page, it would dissapear almost right away. This is why monitors like fahmon can’t get point information, because their wu database is derived from psummary.

I will try to get points information for you. I know that p2409 has a 82 day deadline.

If you can get the files from your /work folder and email them to me ( ) it would be appreciated.

p2407/8/9s they only showed up on my diskless nodes , they all hung at various stages , most didnt get past 3 percent before they ended with no points awarded , one machine went through 6 in a day , the most I got was 5 points for around 36 hours work . I found that if I went back to 5.02 from 5.04 they stopped appearing , needless to say that I now have none .

do you have the logfile from any of them?

p2409 is worth 600 points FYI.