Folding news 21/12/2006

10.5 Million Race Edition

A sligh change to tonight presenter shedule, but here is oyur daily folding news update.

The folding race continues unavtaed with TPR nearing their traget.
Taunting (and festive cheer if you so wish :wink: ) may be handed out here

Stats updated 21/12/2006

TPR are ranked 82nd overall, thats up 2 places in the last 7 days, but none in the last 24hrs.

Our current overall points are 10,335,733 with and the overall work units done are 115,050.

Todays total was 23969 points from 36 active crunchers.

New Users

None :frowning:


None :slight_smile:

Top 20 Producers

Nightlordy continues his dominance of the top 20 producers, with the team in good health overall

Team Standings

NOTE: * Weekly totals re-set 24/12/06

Threats and Conquests

With an imminent stomp in the next 24hours we have a gap of a couple of weeks befors another team feels our boot.

Race to 10.5million stats

		Points left	Daily avg	Days to 10.5 million
TPR		164,267		28,310		5.8
XtremeSystems	772,881		61,179		12.63

Xs has once again upped their output,even though they are still away behind, we need a big push to get the win. PUSH!!!

All errors and omissions are intentional :wink:


Thanks Preecey excellent work :thumbsup:


many congrats Mortlake on 600K :clap:

Hmm, maybe I’ll leave the few in the loft turned on when away :chin:


Cheers Preecey and well done Mortlake!

Only another 5 or so days to go, but the XS guys are really turning the screw. Some huge numbers being posted over there. They are closing the gap at a massive rate of knots and will overtake us very soon.

For the 10.5M goal, we need to keep our nerve, keep production up and we should just squeak it.

No slacking now, every point, every cpu, every WU gets us closer to a massive achievement. Keep going guys :driving:

Cheers Preecy.

Looks like I’m about to be super lasered soon. :frowning:

Thanx preecey, well done mortlake

Looks like we gonna get back at beefysworld