Folding News 25-11-2006

10.5 Million Race Edition

THe race to the 10.5Million mark charges on with the evil empire of TPR merrily putting thoose darned jedi’s of xtreme a through feel of our force (no! mincer)

Taunting may be handed out here

Stats updated 25/11/2006

TPR are ranked 90th. We have not moved in the last 24hrs,but our pace means we get to hand out a few more folding based thrashings in the next week :smiley:

Our current overall points are 9,625,541 :woot: and the overall work units done are 112,993.

Todays total was 23,935 points from 34 active crunchers.

New Users

None :frowning:


None :slight_smile:

Top 20 Producers

THe nightlordy express continues unabated flattening all in his way :eek:

Team Standings

NOTE: * Weekly totals re-set 29/10/06


Threats and Conquests

Race to 10million stats

		Points left	Daily avg	Days to 10.5 million
TPR		874,459		23,935		36.53
XtremeSystems	1,861,523	27,727		67.14

Looks like with our 1 million points lead and close production this race may be in the bag, but keep stocking thoose fires people :slight_smile:

All errors and ommissions are intentional :wink:


Top news post Preecey :thumbsup:


Well done Preecey! I love your template! Cheers for the news… good to see myself with a decent avg :slight_smile:

Cheers Preecy.

Knew I forgot something yesterday :S

2 cores on -oneunit flags, main rig still staying on for a bit longer. Only 2 weeks of term left!! :eek: Better get the essay’s done…

Ha! I was wondering about that! and I had so much free time… all well… :slight_smile:

Thanks Preecey, been running the SMP client in Ubuntu and gotta say…its on fire 5h32:24 for the last work unit :slight_smile:

Cheers Preecey

Thanks Preecy :thumbsup: