Folding News 27/02/07

Number 310 in an occasional series

Stats updated 27-02-07
Stats avaliable here

TPR are ranked 77th. We have not moved in the last 24hrs.

Our current overall points are 12,201,909 and the overall work units done are 119,686.

Todays total was 33,792 points from 34 active crunchers.

New Users
None today

Top 20 Producers


None today.


[B]War_Pig[/B] stomps MrTFWitt
[B]Razinhell[/B] overtakes Allen Goodchild
[B]olly86[/B] stopms Feral Elf and arsen
[B]Brian_Leahy[/B] gets a 3 way stomp
[B]The_Saint_(LDS)[/B] also gets a 3 way

Team Stomps

None - But keep cracking away!

All errors and omissions intended;)

Thanks, Drezha!

Yup, excellent news postage Drezha. :thumbsup:

Not too far away from a Major Geek pie.