Folding on the PS3

Folding will be able to run on the PS3 at an increased speed to that of PC’s:eek:

Time to preorder?

Will have to wait for (1) them to exist and (2) drop in price a bit :stuck_out_tongue: With all the other stuff in a PS3, not sure it’ll make a crunching farm item unless they do get a significant more performance than a PC of the day. Then again, you could always play games on it… will its performance beat that of a similar priced farm?

Roomful of diskless units or a videogame console, hmm! I’ll pick neither :p.

I’m not sure I would be running folding@home if I got a PS3 :smiley:

plus would you want to leave it on 24/7 knowing how much ps2’s and xbox360’s overheat so much? Still it might be cool to try out :wink:

Cheers for that!