Football fans - calling all Spurs fans ..

I wonder if DaleTHFC has seen this one yet :chuckle:



:lol: Don’t you just love Google! Nice one DT :smiley:

You can buy ‘Spurs, The Glory Years’ from most shops, priced £200. That’s £5 for the tape and £195 for the Betamax player."

“David Blaine was gutted to hear that his record of 48 days in the box doing absolutely nothing has been broken by Darren Bent.”

“Darren Bent is ill, so Jaunde Ramos offers to do his shopping for him. While in Sainsbury’s he bumps into Arsene Wenger. ‘What are you doing in here, Juande?’ asks Wenger. ‘Getting a bag of potatoes for Darren Bent,’ he replies. ‘Sounds like a good swap to me,’ says Wenger.”


:haha: Nice one DT :smiley:

took some finding this thread, but well done to Spurs for last nights result and confirming at least fourth.

Will the results be kind to them on Sunday ?