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These rules are to try and make the Team Phoenix Rising Forums a friendly place for all to visit. Continued breach of these rules may result in the suspension or withdrawal of your membership priviliages.
[ul][li]The excessive use of swearing is not permitted.
[/li][li]Swearing in thread titles is not permitted.
[/li][li]No ‘Flaming’ or personal attacks directed at members of the board, or any other individual or company.
[/li][li]No images of nudity, pornography, or links to sites with pornographic content.
[/li][li]Observe all national and international copyright laws when posting.
[/li][li]Do not post anything relating to the undertaking of illegal activilites. Such posts will be deleted, and if nessessary, any information may be passed on to the relevant authority.
[/li][li]Always behave in a manner that is lawful under national and international law.
[/li][li]Due to the nature of the new search engine optimisations from the main search engine sites, links to anonymous commercial for profit organisations or business websites will be removed from posts. We hope that all users will adhere to this ruling and would ask that users check the links they have in signatures. Links decided by the administrators and moderators to be to commercial organisations will be removed.[/ul]
The administrator reserves the right to edit or delete any posts that are in breech of these rules or deemed to be in bad taste.

By posting on the Team Phoenix Rising Forums you agree to abide by the rules.


[ul][li]Anything attempted as a result of reading posts on there forums is done so entirely at your own risk. The administrator does not accept any liability for personal injury or loss or damage to property as a result of such actions.
[/li][li]The administrator cannot accept responsibility for the content of any post, or the authenticity of it’s author.
[/li][li]Please do not post personal information such as phone numbers and addresses (either your own, or that of a third party), The administrator accepts no responsibility for any concequences as a result of such actions.
[/li][li]The administrator accepts no liability for any losses incured as a result of transactions undertaken on the forums.
[/li][li]The posts on are the expressed views of the individual poster, and not nessessarily those of The administrator accepts no liability for the contents of any posts.
[/li][*]Upon becoming aware of any material that does not conform to the above rules, will take every reasonable measure to remove it as soon as possible[/ul]