Forum speed....

What do you think guys - do the forums seem quicker to you, or is it no different?


Seems quicker now that Ciccio and Neal have stopped posting :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, yes it does feel quicker :thumbsup:

It does feel quicker, although last night and this morning I’ve had a couple of times where I couldn’t get on :shrug:

Just had a fairly lengthy outage here too

Was gonna post…

I seem to be getting a lot of time outs at the minute…

Sorry guys - should be fixed now.

quicker when I can get on :wink:

Are people still having trouble seeing the site?

its ok now…But how could they tell you if they cant see the site :wink:

Seems a lot quicker today. Over the past week it’s been unbearable for me though, so much so that i didn’t bother trying to get on most days as it took ages to load anything after the top banner.

I realise that :wink: The way you worded your last post sounded like you were having an intermittent problem.

Which ISP are you with mate?

I’ll tell you when I get home, though it seems snappy enough from here at work

It seems blisteringly fast here, pages load instantly. Good work :thumbsup:

seems a lot faster than of late :thumbsup: for whatever you tweaked :wink: :slight_smile:


Loads faster…was flying last night too…tho that could’ve just been my beer addled brain being slow :smiley:

probably sirgaz bet ur post count climbed about 200 last night !!

yup seems to load faster here too :slight_smile: well done :smiley:

Lost count after the first 5 i think :wasted:

Loading well hee now.
No more time outs.