Free or cheap webhosting?

Looking for some cheap or free hosting for a forum (at a guess using vb)
Any one know of any?
Is muppet still able to offer it?


Would a Invisionfree board not be good enough?

I know you can pay to have your own URL and to remove the adverts.
And it’s all set up for you to play with straight away.

Otherwise I know A4dable web is good. Not sure if you could do a forum mind…

It’s got to be a pukka hosting and deffo vb.
Will check on a4dable as already host a couple of sites with them.

Hosting Unlimited would be my recommendation :slight_smile:

Cheers for that hids, they seem pretty good. Just got to find out the bandwidth used for the forum thats being used now to decide which package to use…then the fun part of learning to use vb.

a4dable as my brother is no more, hasn’t been for a while, you should have all had mail about it, it’s been bought out by, . They are redoing the site at mo and don’t know what they have planned as regards prices.


As a pointer to bandwidth Gax, TPR uses around 10Gb a month, has a few hundred meg of files and a 200 meg ish database.


Damski, (Or anyone else for that matter…)
If I was to move my hosting next year (say the Xilo lot are to expensive for my liking), how would I go about moving my domain name and hosting to someone else?

Noticed a4dable had changed hands and from looking at the forums there seem to be having a few problems.
DT, found out the db size, 100mb, just waiting to hear back about the bandwidth.
Drezha, most hosting co’s have an faq that tells you how to go about it. Will see if i can find a good one for you to look at.


Ran a whois on my account…Dont like the fact it can show my address! :eek:

Another nod here from me - is hosted by them :wink:

You can make it private if you specify. I made all of my domains private.

If your willing to pay a small amount i would recommend Nathosting…

they host my site it costs $2 USD a month, 1GB disk space, 15GB band width, unlimite emails etc. Great help/support services. They use the plesk control panel. Their home epage is down at the moment i think (Note: This is the frist time this has happened in the entire time i have been with them almost a year now, as last night some sites on their servers came under attack from hackers. They got the hosting back but their main page is still down me thinks :frowning: ) Any way i would still reccomend them any day :wink:

signed upto XILO Hosting the other day and I really think they are good value for money and are well worth it :slight_smile:

the url was free too :slight_smile:

perhaps you would have to get some ads on your page from the WebHost