Free Redhat Subscription


Want to have a play with Redhat Enterprise ?

If you sell your email soul to the marketing machines (You can opt out from news letters:) ) you can register for a Redhat developer account and download a copy of Redhat with the all important access to patches.

Its not a new link so you may already have done it, I needed a patched test system to trial some install scripts on today, this was a good find for me.


Haven’t played with Linux for so long I don’t think my old brain could cope. It’s struggling with Win 10 :frowning:


This freebie is to draw attention to the fact Redhat Network is coming to an end.

Being a one man band, sorry I mean “Budding technology enterprise startup with a finger on the pulse of forthcoming technologies riding the wave of change under blue sky thinking methodologies whilst fully engaging all stakeholders”

What was I saying again? I got lost ticking off my buzzword bingo card.

Oh yeah, being tight, having the option to run up a fully patched copy of any given version of Redhat for development only use without spending is useful to me.