Friday 25th - 27th Feb 2022 LAN Event Highwayman Inn

For those not on FaceBook if you could post in here if you plan to pop in - that would be great.

Apologies for short notice as I hadn’t noticed Spud didn’t put the post over here.


Face Book ?
What is this some sort of Rogues Gallery publication ?


To be fair I am the only one likely to read stuff on here anyway.

it does seem that way recently :frowning:

Still lurking occasionally. I found the facebook recently. I presume the discord is dead… yup.

Anyway, wont be going to this lan, as I’m elsewhere at moment.

Is the closure of the Air Balloon good news for the Highwayman ?

pah - damn old thread revival - I thought you were replying to the latest LAN dates :smiley:

/looks around

crikey - blasts from the past (not that i’d manage a LAN party)


bows to the Tart Master