Friday Flame 2ndJune06

02 June 2006

01-Jun-2006 11:47 31.9M (seti server time and XML size)

NEWS - in response to the newsletter, we have a potential team race with Seti.USA team who are ranked fifth and have 10 times our output on Seti. At the moment due to that it will be a simple case of racing to seperate targets. So calculate the expected scores in 30days time, round them up/down :wink: and set them as team targets, first one to get to target wins :smiley: As the details are worked out and finalised, I’ll let you all know :deal:

So onto the news :slight_smile:

New Recruits
None today :frowning:

We say goodbye to Wrath

Premier League
Nothing happening, for once R33 is stationary :Poke:

Division 1
Endre moves up 1 place to 10th stomping GAteKeeper
Peige moves up 1 place to 17th stomping RobbyT
Teutoburg moves up 1 place to 48th stomping Crazy Phil

:eek: @ Peige, you got a few credits getting scores or did you only partial move to the Folding race ?

Division 2
GreatInca moves up 1 place to 10th stomping Charles
Dale moves up 1 place to 27th stomping Paul Day
Mike Killmeyer moves up 1 place to 29th stomping John Tyll
Owen Crossby moves up 1 place to 46th stomping The Goodies

Some nice steady outputs from these guys, quiet and steady crunching :thumbsup:

Division 3
Texasvirgo moves up 1 place to 7th stomping George Fischell
Pants moves up 1 place to 17th stomping G_Loc
WORMSS moves up 2 places to 18th stomping G_Loc and Badliltexan
FukusukeMix moves up 1 place to 24th stomping Scott
Stephan moves up 1 place to 34th stomping MickeyC
Mr_SeeD moves up 3 places to 43rd stomping W9SBU, FreelancerXR5 and Manuel Hohmann
Manuel Hohmann moves up 1 place to 44th stomping FreelancerXR5
W9SBU moves up 1 place to 45th stomping FreelancerXR5

THE place to be if you are a :stomp: fan

Division 4
ScottishBird moves up 1 place to 3rd stomping Rys

Helen moves up today :driving:

Division 5
Julean moves up 6 places to 25th stomping Gandelf, Guinfan, Jennifer Michelle, HairyMonster, Xeonzinc and Wisperingshadows
Sean Monteverdi moves up 1 place to 40th stomping MMJ

Biggest stomp of the day goes to Julean with a big footed 6way :stomp:

Division 6
An unusual one today, nothing happened in div6 :eek:

Trinity says “CRUNCH THIS” :smiley:

Lets whoop it up as Holly Valance is currently singing on my stereo :lol:


:woot: ive finally moved i was begining to forget what it looked like stomping someone. Thanx DT :woot:

Still a couple of machines doing seti DT… not everything on folding just the ltsp nodes :smiley:

Thanks for the friday news :cool:

Team race! Let’s get it on! :smiley:

Thanks for the news!

Per the title of the thread, I think your off by a month. Tis June and not July.

Other than that thanks for the update.

I just thought i had slept for a month and thats why i had moved 1 space :stuck_out_tongue:

Just testing you :wiggle:

Yeah yeah yeah - you never noticed, see how mcuh people take note of the news :sigh: :Poke: :lol:


Go Scottishbird! :stomp:

…on the local front, I have thunderstorms for a couple of days…
…I’m too chicken to let my computers run unattended.

woohoo scottishbird… u shuold be into Div 3 soon enuff :)… congrats!

Thanks for the news, DT. Let’s hear more about this race. I confidently ask while I’m being overrun by mr.kjellen.