friday night skate

hi guys,

i know excersise and techys dont really go hand in hand but…

i have been thinking about taking part in this i was wondering if any of you london based people skate and would be interested in going along some time?

if you do let me know so we can arrange to go and have a skate round london :slight_smile:

and waste all that potential drinking time - have you gone mad :cuckoo: :wink:


It does look great fun, but I’m not really near enough to London and I haven’t skated in years :lol: Have a fab time if you do it though :thumbsup: What about Spaceboy? :smiley:

lol @ Hids… thanks for putting that image in my head :wink: :slight_smile:


lol, spaceboy is far to lazy to do something like that, the best i could hope for is a lift to the station