Friday pub thread

Got ya - once upon a time it was frowned upon to not be in a pub on a Friday.

Now, the sofa and the log burner with some beers and snacks are it.

What happened …


In a nutshell, the Government and their ‘experts’ :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

In my case, the only pub left in walking distance is going down hill like Eddie the Eagle on rocket skis.
Sticky carpets were a sign of decline but its now at the stage where many windows never need cleaning as new glass is never dirty.

That and £6.00 a pint.

Maybe in the summer, a Hungry Horse lunch and a beer will seem tempting, you just need to be in and out before the Lagerati gather in numbers

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Started doing Friday (evening) pub more often where I’m temporarily living. Housemates like to go as a clear sign the work week has finished and weekend is here. They do the best fries I’ve ever had and have a whisky cask cider from Scotland that is rather nice. Now if we can just work out how to get a table reliably after 5pm without booking (bookings are fixed time slots, get in, get out), and somehow reduce the 15 minute walking time it would be perfect.

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That would probably be Innis and Gunn, Scottish beer aged in Irish Whisky barrels.
A very quaffable beer

For the 15 minute travel…
Running shoes ?
Rental E-scooters and walk back???

I’m still a walk there and stagger back man, gotta be really cold for the bus and apocalyptic for a taxi.

Have to be optimised on £/beer ratio


It’s a cider, specifically by Thistly Cross. Flavour isn’t very consistent though, and we’re guessing it depends on the casks they get. Even ordered bottles directly before but not as good as on tap.

We walk the 15 mins each way. No one is going to volunteer to drive, and we’re too tight to pay for a taxi.