Frosty gulls

Today there was a lasting frost so I checked out the park. The lake was partially frozen and there were lots of gulls standing in the middle.

This one must have some cold feet!

Even tried a little BIF action, and like how this one shows up against the background.

I also shot some coots and moorhens but in the low light their blacks disappeared into the sensor noise. Weather allowing I think I’ll have another look tomorrow.

Nice pics Mackerel. The one in flight is my favourite. Good depth of field with the background

Here’s some I took:

I apologise for the quality, they were taken with a Nokia 7500 Prism phone.

the ice was over 1.5 inches thick. Only small portions of the 3 lakes were unfrozen.

Yesterday saw a family throwing pieces of cracked ice over the frozen surface, made a weird sound as it went along. I had to join in and in one of the throws managed to cut my left mouse finger XD

Light was pretty bad then but I like this one :slight_smile: