FTL: Faster Than Light


Does a game need to contain its own abbreviation in the title? Anyway, I had my eye on it in the past and it just appeared on the latest Humble Bundle so I jumped on it. First time in a long time has any game given me that “one more go” feeling. A strategy game where you spend most of your time with a top down view of the low res spacecraft doesn’t sound like much, but I’m finding it addictive and difficult even on easy mode to get far, but not in a demoralising way. Definitely need more practice evicting hostile borders and fire control as they’re most likely to wipe out my crew, and end the game.


It seems an interesting bit of fun Mackerel. Might try it myself. That other game Fez seems a bit tricky too. Been ages since I played 3D platformers :slight_smile:


My last game ended when I came up against a ship with shields I couldn’t get past, nor survive long enough to warp out of the area… maybe I should try upgrading my shields earlier too?

The other games in the bundle don’t really interest me as much, since they are more action based.