Full System Give-Away, Part Deux

Neal’s full system give-away competition has spawned another one - with a difference :slight_smile:

The kit remains the same -

Athlon 1.6Ghz 1900XP palamino core
Gigabyte GA-7ZXE MOBO
Geforce MX-400 64mb Graphic card.
256 SDRAM PC133

Neal has kindly agreed to ship the box to the winner (mainland UK). I’ll pay the £30 to a Fakirs fund. I’ve already contributed online and at Lowfield so I think this is destined for Sarge Bilko’s charity.

[the small print] The competition will run till Saturday the 21st of Jan at 6pm GMT. The final decision will be made jointly by Neal & bl00.

And here’s what you have to do.

[b]In no more than 50 words, explain why you or someone you know should receive this computer.[/b]

It may be a single parent family who can’t afford a computer. It could be a small, start-up, charity who are deserving. It could even be you!

Depending on the winner and their location, I’ll try to help out with some software and possibly a monitor. If someone else can help out with a monitor then I’ll look after the carriage. Post here if you have software or monitor to offer.



Nice one Blue! :thumbsup:

If the charity is good and we can get a few donations going to support it, I can come up with a 15 TFT pretty cheap to contribute I think, let me look around…

Edit: Grade B refurbs @ $139 Grade A refurbs @164 (dell) and new for $202, plus shipping.

Originally, i wanted to nab this computer for my lil bro. He came home with a bag full of free PC bits from a friend one day, convinced it was a full PC for himself. Turned out it was just a moniter and a scanner :frowning: Crushed was not the word. I wanted to surprise him with somthing he could play half-life 1 on atleast :slight_smile:

Thats 66 words i know. Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to get this computer for whytefoxx so she has a machine to use to start her own company. The machine she has now is really showing its age and wont run the apps she needs for her company. In essence I want her to be successful in her venture.

52words… good luck to all those who enter :slight_smile:

nice one Blue - racking my brains now for people I know who could benefit - the problem I seem to have is that for most of them who I feel would benefit from a freebie - been there and gave them a machine already :lol:

DoubleTwelve’s machine could do with an update so that the machine they have could go to my nephew. DoubleTwelve could do with the update in power as well due to a new camera. The Duron doesn’t get up to much for image processing.

Most local charities and playgroups local to me already have machines that I’ve donated in the past.


The reason I would want it is for my folks to stay in contact with my little brother who is travelling at the moment overseas. Their phone line was recently hit by lightening which frizzled the PIV 1.6 that I built for them. My mother is 69 and suffering from arthritis and can’t get to the local library very easily to use the iCafe.

For a friend who does secretarial work for a charity that provides care for adults with severe learning disabilities. Both her charity and home PCs are ancient and in need of complete replacement. Both are now also unreliable and she has had to re-do loads of work for the charity.

Exactly 50 words.

bump only a day left to get your entrys in here folks, we dont wanna make it to easy for blue n neil do we?

is there a winner yet?

im really hoping that there is, and that its whytefoxx lol

I honestly think it should now go to a vote… but the members that enterd cant vote :stuck_out_tongue:

well thats my vote anyway :wink:

I’ve been without my main, personal, computer since Friday. It seems like a month :frowning: It’s an imac and was being fixed under warranty - collected it this afternoon.

I could have accessed this thread from another computer but work has been hectic and I’m lazy, OK! - I needed my toolbar :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll prod Neal and review the thread. Then prod Neal again just the for hell of it.

Thank you to those who took the time to take part. It’s really appreciated. Will the winner please make contact in the usual way with Neal and arrange delivery/collection whatever.
After much deliberation and a few beers…
The winner is…
young Mr A Rica.
Congratties, Sah.

Just as well I didn’t win, postage would’ve been a bitch and I was over 50 words anyway;)

conga-rats to Alta :slight_smile:

Did i miss something ???

:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:


Obviously!! :slight_smile:

Part of the original deal/competition was that the winner, me, contribute 30 squid to a pink fakir. You didn’t read my pm before you answered it, did you :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Ummmmmmmm… No.

LOL ! :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: