Gaming sessions in Dec/Jan?

Shout a game of choice that has a dedicated server option, I can deal with both Linux (preferred) and Windows.

I’m already looking at running a BF2 server for use with the Aria forums peeps as well, and will look at inviting other forums to join in the fun.

First choice will go to TPR, I’m happy to run about 6 different games and manage them over the time period.

There may be some advertising involved to put it pass the board that I will be using (like they’ll know anyway) some of our kit as a pressie to the various forums from me+employer.


UT? Any of the flavours?


UT3 or 2004 if I can find my disk! But then I prob wouldn’t be able to play due to my naffed wrist :frowning:

Is there a dedicated server for this? You mean on PC or Xbox?

I’ll start up with the UT servers this coming weekend :smiley: I’ll see about a CS one as well.


HALO on PC. No specific server, but as it has been superceded by HALO 2, etc, there are still a load of servers out there with virtually no action on them, or you can just create your own and lock it down to password only access. Never done it myself, but I know it is done.