Garmin nuvi 200 SatNav

Bought one today. Its ok, but needs to be tempered with some observation of street signs. It occasionally insists on turning left about 30 yards before the turning.

And its OBSESSED with speed cams - i appreciate being told there is a camera, but it ‘bongs’ incessantly for about 3 bloody miles to KEEP warning me! Definately switching that function off.

Buy A Landrover
In the unlikely event of being caught speeding you can just reverse, attach a chain round the camera and remove it from its foundations

I found the the Garmin only keeps ‘bonging’ if you are going faster than the speed the camera is set to, i.e. camera set to 40, it keeps making a noise till you drop the speed to 40 or less.

But yes I agree, bloody annoying

I can put up with annoying if it stops me getting tickets :wink:

The Navman I use has the same habit, even if the camera is not on the route it planned but on a side road. Now that’s annoying…

Are there not options on these units for warning distance and to turn off warnings if they are not on the route as in TomTom?

@TFW - i use Primacord…

@The Dirts - it does stop if you drop to the speed limit, but the ‘catchment area’ can be a 3mile stretch, once i know its there im ready to brake, but no point in dropping right down until i see the damn thing.

@Balrog / Mojo / Mulda - i had not thought about the side roads, that certainly explains why it was warning where there were no cameras.

A lot of the speed warnings are on designated roads where mobile cameras are known to operate, not just for fixed cameras.