Gas Guzzlers to pay even more road tax (uk)

Road tax should be dramatically increased to £1,800 a year for the most polluting cars, a cross-party committee of MPs say in a report published today.

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Oh my oh my where to start :mad: Statistics gone mad once again, I love the bit where they include the purchase price of the car in the calculation for cost per gram of CO2.

So then a new FordKa pays more per gram than an AudiA8, now surely if the cost is proportionate and includes how much you have paid for the car, there is a threshold where buying second hand is pointless. So I pay £600 for a landrover, yet it then costs £1800 a year because at one point it was worth £30k, I’m still producing roughly the same amount of CO2 as it did when new. Why on earth is the cost of the vehicle even relevant ?

Simple enough, one MOT, one database of vehicle ownerships and mileage transfers (when selling). Hang on - that would mean a mileage record and then a CO2 production record, then a flat fee per gram you produce ?

Stats and politicians - which idiot put that combination together :cuckoo:

Bonkers, truly bonkers.


End of day everyone drives… everyone need fuel…

Does common sense just not say make x pence per liter of fuel
as the tax.

How many millions spent chasing non payer’s ???

PMM say’s Scrap it!!!

This lot are off their respective trollies!

IF HMG are so damned bothered about pollution and CO2 why do they artificially tax bio- and synthetic diesel products (both CO2 negative) to equal the cost of fossil diesel? Why is LPG taxed to the same amount as petrol?

I’m getting sick to the stomach of meddling fools who ignore common sense and reason and come out with increasingly stupid laws, regulations and rules because they are chasing votes. Emigration is looking really good to me :frowning:

Plonkers, the whole bunch of em :nod: It will soon be cheaper to own a damn helicopter than a car :rolleyes:

me hopes you’re meaning the present Government :smiley:

Anarchy and Civil War look good to me :smiley:

anyone fancy smuggling some ‘baby milk’ and ‘handwash’ into the house of commons? :wink:

: if the NSA or MI5 wanders through here - Walter gets arrested for being a Muslim extremist

hey Osama - don’t bother fighting Britain, the government is already doing more damage than you ever could!