Genesis in Rome

What a brilliant concert!! Excellent songs, great musicians and a fantastic £10million light show. I recorded it the other day and only got to watch it today. Absolutely brilliant. The thing that amazed me was the audience. I expected a load of old guys like me :rolleyes:, but no. Girls and guys in their 20s who were barely in this world when Genesis parted, quite happily singing along to all the tunes. Quality lasts that’s for sure.

Saw the “how they did it” show beforehand and was astonished at how much work went into it. They only finished choreographing the light show the day before the first concert :eek:

For all of you old school music fans, there is a night of Pink Floyd on BBC4 this coming Friday. Set your DVRs.

caught it the other night and indeed it was fantastic to the point I really wish I had been there to experience in person good bit of tally much enjoyed by me :slight_smile:

brought the DVD of the Genesis from Amazon, three disk set and well worth it. Now I just need a bigger telly :wink: