Genome report 06.03.2002

[u]Genome@home weekly Report[/u]

Team Status

As of approximately 16:30 06/03/2002, all production count in units unless otherwise indicated.

Total units/genes: 78596/7253 (last 168 hours: 12055)
Team Rank: 49 (+x)
Active members: 15 (+x)
+4 Teams, mean production: 6736 (+xxx)
-4 Teams, mean production: 2472 (+xxx)

For an inugaral edition there’s not much to say without any history information, but in short there’s only 5 teams below position 15 that produced more than 10,000 units last week and we’re one of them :). The others are, FreeDC in position 31 (16,000), Genome Research Italy in position 20 with 17000. The important one to note is a worthy target in our stomp range who we all know, GENEtals who lie 2 places ahead and who have only slightly underproduced us. Fianlly lie in position 91 with 13,000 last week. We’ll stomp quite a few teams between before GENEtals can either accelerate away (a process which I understand is illegal in most countries) or until we stomp them ourselves. We’re doing very well in this project, as our gradual and thus far unabated climb has proven.

A ‘special’ mention for andyu who really does unquestionably dominate the Genome@home stats - brilliant effort you’ve put in on behalf of both team and project :).

Also apologies for this being late - statsman was down earlier after which I this was the earliest time I could throw this together.

Current Team listings:
Rank, Active Members, % Active, Team Name, Points Total, Production (last 7 days)
45…1…7.1…S MDC…83765…+5,188.5
46…0…0.0…TeamPCCritix…82728…+0.0 (dead in the water)
48… 7…38.9…Crunchers from Poland…80028…+3,122.9
49…21…75.0…Phoenix Rising…78956…+12,055.6
50… 9…27.3…Koinonos…77345…+1,051.4

Genome news page : Genome Yahoo newsgroup

There isn’t much of note to report. Genome 2 is on the way however.

TPR Table Report
Top 5 producers:
Last 7 days, +/- figures denote relative production to last week, X denotes insufficient data

TPR_Mojo…1203 …close :slight_smile:
TPR_Mulda…992 …no cigar for you either :wink:

Also close to making the table were Alta Rica and Jugears, both over 800 points this week.


No Milestones this time though a few interesting notes. Andyu is in the top 50 Genome crunchers lying at 48, our other top 1000 crunchers are Crazydude (325) Crabbleboys (555) and Mojo at 918. For recent intrateam stomps see nitRAM’s supplementary report the the SETI Daily news yesterday :).

[li]Topic headings are hyperlinked to data sources or relevant pages.
[/li][li]Total units/genes for TPR is calculated since the last edition, last 168 hours data is for comparison with all other figures from statsman.
[/li][li]+/-4 team measure is the mean of average production of the nearby teams - in comparison with our own weekly output figures it gives an approximation of our output respective to peer teams. If +4 figures are high we’re going nowhere fast, if -4 figures are high we’re being outpaced.
[/li][li]Genome @home units will vary in length, ‘difficulty’ is approximated into required processing time with the units measure.
[/li][li]Appropriate TPR Genome/Folding Data and Links
[/li][li]Letters to the editor

p.s. NO I DIDN’T spellcheck it so no nitpicking ;).

Great inaugural edition nitrile :slight_smile:

Lemme get to work on changing those stats now…

Nice report Nitrile. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report mate, made me go and upload some more towards the cause… :slight_smile:

nice 1 m8 :slight_smile:

Thanks for a very nice report, m8. :slight_smile:

Thanks m8, great read :slight_smile:

Nice report nitrile, kinda what the doctor ordered.:slight_smile:

Thanks m8. Just what we needed! :rotate:


Sweet! Thanks for that m8.

A ‘special’ mention for andyu who really does unquestionably dominate the Genome@home stats - brilliant effort you’ve put in on behalf of both team and project

Echo that. While, as always, I would put the same value on every WU from every team member, I think Andyu’s near-solo charge for TPR - until we all joined in - and the T50 position worldwide is very much worthy of a mention. Nice one!