Genome Report 13/03/2002

Genome@home Weekly Report

Team Status

As of approximately 12:30 13/03/2002, all production count in units unless otherwise indicated, +/- figures denote relative production to last week.

Total units/genes: 91786/8202 (13190/949 last 168 hours: 13079)
Team Rank: 44 (+5)
Active members: 21 (+6)
+4 Teams, mean production: 5184 (-1552)
-4 Teams, mean production: 1703 (-769)

This week we continue to be locked in chase of GENEtals. A slight gap has opened up, now standing at 2535. In addition to having ramped up their production very slightly their active membership has grown by 3 since the last minor update on Sunday. With the extra support nitRAM has provided in the form of his work PC’s and what other TPR members are working with I very strongly hope we can in fact redress the current imbalance so we can get another mention on their news page. :slight_smile: /hopes andyu’s power company can keep things going while he’s away :eek:.

Asides from the aforementioned, there are only 2 other teams below us worthy a mention from a stats perspective, one of which is interesting in that they actually produce more than half the amount we do unlike anyone else ;). seem to be coming up exceedingly fast though, gaining at presently 5000 per week they’re 9 weeks away but this situation could easily and quickly change for better or worse.

Current Team listings:
40…10…10.9…Jelsoft vBulletin VB World…102,662…+1,057.6
41…17…85.0…Team Evil…102,283…+5,332.7
42… 1…5.9…polghiv szeged hu…97,930…+381.3
44…21…75.0…Phoenix Rising…91,786…+13,079.0
Long range tracking:
71…27…71.1…WWW AMDMB COM…45,904…+17,398.4

Genome news page : Genome Yahoo newsgroup

An interesting post in the Genome@home newsgroup this week, in a nutshell it’s just the basic differences between Genome/Folding projects.

TPR Table Report
Top 10 producers:
Last 7 days, +/- figures denote relative production to last week, X denotes insufficient data

Alta Rica…1383…(+499)
ciipher… 953…(+69)
riddlermarc… 863…(+X)
Crazydude… 636…(+X)
JUGEARS… 588…(+X)
madDragon… 444…(+X)


Milestones this week include Mulda making the top 1000 Genomers, Alta Rica/JUGEARS breaking the 2500 barrier, madDragon at 1000, nitRAM nearly at 1000, Kaibigan and mrpants both reach 500.

edit: OH YES and Mojo on reaching 10,000 :rolleyes: :slight_smile:

[li]Topic headings are hyperlinked to data sources or relevant pages.
[/li][li]Total units/genes production for TPR is calculated since the last edition, last 168 hours data is for comparison with all other figures from statsman.
[/li][li]+/-4 team measure is the mean of average production of the nearby teams - in comparison with our own weekly output figures it gives an approximation of our output respective to peer teams. If +4 figures are high we’re going nowhere fast, if -4 figures are high we’re being outpaced.
[/li][li]Genome @home units will vary in length, ‘difficulty’ is approximated into required processing time with the units measure.
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[/li][li]Letters to the editor

Nice report nitrile :slight_smile:

Methinks AMDmb are likely to pose a significant threat in the future if their SETI team is anything to go by :frowning:

Not sure about black GENEtals though :wink:

Excellent report, nitrile. Thanks :slight_smile:

Excellent report nitrile.

I uploaded a couple of units today, got a few more to go, but I am gonna wait till the morning for them.

Good report nitrile :slight_smile:

Nice report m8 nice to be in the news. My XP is working undertime to produce the units:D

Thanks all, appreciate the comments (but honestly, you needn’t thank me I can see it’s being read by views :)). The only thing I can think of as missing out is intrateam stomps, I’m very low-technologically manually collating all info from statman and memory but can’t do that with larger member numbers for Genome (I really should sort fold/genomeborg out). As it happens I understand ther were no intrateam stomps this week but that’s just something I think I read.

If this isn’t a burden on anyone could we possibly have a news post archive such as for the SETI daily news reports? Essentially it’s only so I can keep track of the previous reports I’ve written out of curiousity rather than have them disappear into the ether. If noone else finds this idea at all useful or worthwhile then it’s not important for me either …would also be willing to scan though this forum and archive them myself if considered appropriate?

Alex, now that we have developed and grown the ‘other teams’ I think your proposal is a good one and will bring it to Mincers attention so we can collate all the previous Folding and Genome reports that both you and nitRAM have written. I also have no problem with doing the collation duties (and it would need a mod to do it anyway) for said archive.

The process of working out intra team stomps is not an easy one with Genome as the Borg utility only shows world ranking changes and because units remain with previous teams, this isn’t representative of the team as a whole (particularly in our team with 3 members that clocked up large totals with other teams). Again, I have no problem continuing to report those stats in my supplement to the SETI news which can only bring greater awareness to the Genome team :slight_smile:

Finally, as a writer of the SETI news, I understand the painstaking effort required to attempt to do it properly and for that effor you require praise as well as views IMO.