Genome Weekly Report, 18+2/05/2002

Genome@home Weekly Report

[b]Team Status[/b]

As of 02:53 UK 20/05/2002, all production count in points unless otherwise indicated, +/- figures denote figures relative to last week.

Total units/genes: 239,593/18,838 (Since last update: 13959/833 // last 168 hours: +12,079.2 -4,259.4)
Team Rank: 27 (+0)
Active members: 20 (-3)
+4 Teams, mean production: 11,851 (+2551)
-4 Teams, mean production: 5749 (-989)
Average units/gene overall: 12.72
Average units/gene this week: 16.76

Apologies for this being 2 days late, had a bit of a busy weekend with some very unnatural hours. Folding report should appear tomorrow on time though morning/evening I can’t say yet.

We continue to chase FreeDC, though our output has fallen for the moment to a stage where that’s stalled for the time being. Regardless at current levels they’re just under a week’s full production away. This week should see us clear the static target LNO Genome Black Belts with SkzDaLimit in a similar situation but perhaps 3 weeks away. After that it’s another clear 50,000 to the next target AMD Power Germany.

In continuing news on AMDMB and Speedguide their production levels increased to a difference of just under 8,000 units per week in favour of the Frogs (who appear to have had a “personal best” ), stark contrast to last week where their output was even at 28K. It’s still a long road ahead however, closing 45,000 units at even 8,000 per week is going to take 5 weeks at best.

Current Team listings:
Rank…Active…Act%…Team…Ttl/uts…uts/wk…relative uts/wk…
22…10…35.7…AMD Power Germany…315,290…+6,239.2…-1948
23…36…60.0…WWW AMDMB COM…303,321…+33,401.5…+4732
24… 1… 1.6…SkzDaLimit Distributed Computing…277,104…+122.0…+26
25… 5… 9.1…LNO Genome Black Belts…250,463…+314.6…-167
27…20…46.5…Phoenix Rising…239,593…+12,079.2…-4259
Long range tracking:

Genome news page :: Genome Yahoo newsgroup

No project news this week.

TPR Table Report
Top 10 producers:
Last 7 days, +/- figures denote relative production to last week, ? denotes no previous data

Rank…Name…uts/wk…relative uts/wk…

.2…Alta Rica…1,684…-1160
.3…TPR Mulda…1,245…-207

I’ve truncated the table to 5 lines, sorry but it’s very time consuming to make. Will return to 10 lines if/when I can script tables. I will however go into a little…


Milestones this week for Alta Rica (25,000 units, I think top 500 as well), woof (2500 units), Ciccio (500 units at TPR, has done a lot more than that overall though :)), Chas (top 2000 gnomes), scoobie (very nearly top 2500 gnomes) and I suppose nitRAM with very nearly 10K units, well done all, If you were missed out it wasn’t deliberate please let me know. Also let us not forget andyu with his million bajillion units, I’m sure he passed some milestone ;).

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[/li][li]Total units/genes production for TPR is calculated since the last edition, last 168 hours data is for comparison with all other figures from statsman.
[/li][li]+/-4 team measure is the mean of average production of the nearby teams - in comparison with our own weekly output figures it gives an approximation of our output respective to peer teams. If +4 figures are high we’re going nowhere fast, if -4 figures are high we’re being outpaced.
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Thanks for the report nitrile :thumbsup:

I find it interesting the way FreeDC’s output fluctuates to almost mirror ours (spy in the camp? ;)), although I suspect we are down a touch as -nonetting for surprise stomps seems to be becoming prevalent…

I’m not sure I’d really say they mirrored us, though their output did raise shortly after they were in the clear line of fire. Their level of output was more or less static this week as compared to last. I think they’re on record a couple of months back somewhere at around this level of output so I’ll jinx it and say it’s unlikely they’ll be able (or willing more likely) to pull away ;).

Just ordered the Charmin, have been given a provisional date of tomorrow afternoon/evening.

:bigdump: :wave: nitRAM

Nice report Nitrile :slight_smile: And thanks for the premature reporting of my 10K :wink:

Originally posted by KefKef
[B]Just ordered the Charmin, have been given a provisional date of tomorrow afternoon/evening.

:bigdump: :wave: nitRAM [/B]


There’s 6000 units you gotta make up matey :wink:

[edit] Did I say 6000, oh I’m sorry I think that should really be something like 7000, well that is if I dump of course :wink: :chuckle: [/edit]

Fanks Nitrile and just how many units have you got cached KefKef? :eek:

ooooh, i might manage 1 or 2 :stomp: s, might just about manage nitRAM if i get lucky!

Thanks for the report, nitrile. Nice to see that we may get another team stomp in about a week :slight_smile: