Get Your Bangers Out 2019 - GAS Updates

For those not on Facebook I shall be posting updates on DT’s journey with his team mate from Land’s End to John O’Groats in Garfield as part of the Get Your Bangers Out 2019 rally which is raising money for Thames Valley Air Ambulance and Sparkles.

You can show your support for DT here - Crowdfunding to Support TV AirAmbulance and Sparkles Speech and Language who support children with DownSyndrome - Both superb Charities on JustGiving making sure you mention Garfield Appreciation Society :biggrin:

Today marked the start of the rally from Land’s End and from the videos I’ve seen, everyone was in good spirits and all “bangers” actually started :joy:

DT has been a bit mean in using his team’s bluetooth transmitter to Rick Roll all the other teams. I dare say they will think of a way to get him back for this traversity :thinking:

There have also been shenanigans involving a super soaker & silly string :biggrin:

Have just spoke to DT and he is having fun but is knackered…and there are still days to go :joy:

They are now at camp for the night in Little Budworth and have consumed a well deserved pizza & beer!

Unfortunately DT has had a tent malfunction that means he gets to be nice and cosy with his driving mate in his tent…

Day 2 and with roughly 5 hours sleep DT & Bill are off again!

Today is going to be a long one! Travelling from Little Budworth to Inverness

DT is looking for a beasting driving in Scotland with that t-shirt on :joy:

Caption this… :joy:

Toilet stop…

Live tracker for a couple of hours -

Not much in the way of updates today as I have been playing tourist in my homeland!

The teams have all made it safely though and will begin the journey home tomorrow.

A huge well done to DT & Bill - you guys rock :grin: As do all of you who have donated! There is still time to donate if you haven’t got round to it yet :wink:

Google Maps timeline has us yesterday for 8hr21m travel for 415 miles!

Was a scream, all the teams banter keeping us all smiling. Donations coming in from being spotted in convoy, from curious people at service stations - all good stuff raising the total.

Top Gear rules, that was what we all said. The more we are together though it’s Musketeers. @MrTFWitt we have the Rover Limo playing battery swop game as AC bearing seized and drive belt shredded, also means the limo is doing the trip with no power steering as that’s the belt config!

Team ESAD had a close one, brake caliper retaining bolt came loose - no Top Gear rules, fixed at side of road :slight_smile:

Driving through the towns around the lakes was brilliant, great views and we attracted a lot of attention - the flame throwers on the roof of one of the teams … LOL

A few teams ducked camping, ourselves included - my tent completely useless now. I’m sat in a hotel room writing this. 3 hours roughly to finish line, then we see if we go back in one today or take it easy. A good nights sleep means it’s possible, but we’ve been hit with traffic so much on the trip it simply might not be sensible or possible


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I saw that Rover Limo on Autotrader but could couldnt justify it, plus it wouldnt be able to turn round at the bottom of the garden.

Top Bodging on getting it there though.

Airconditioning ?
In a Banger ?
Does Not Compute…!

it’s all over now and boy do I need more sleep!

We made it back in one big run with multiple driver changes, home last night for me at 12:30

Our Fund Raising efforts have been hugely rewarding, our total has potential to break £2k

Then there is the offer that we have, if the OJ made it, for the car and plate which we will deduct car purchase + parts (new battery and other bits) and push the difference into the pot as well. Fingers crossed that happens, will be massive.

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Well done fatty !

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Talking of driving - Have you passed yet Mel ?

Hasn’t happened yet :joy:

12th Sept 2019
5h39m in car, 306miles ~54mph
13th Sept 2019
9h11m in car, 337miles ~36mph
14th Sept 2019
8h21m in car, 416miles ~50mph
15th Sept 2019
14h2m in car, 786miles ~56mph
16th Sept 2019 - putting car back in garage
47minutes, 1.7miles ~2mph

30.8 mpg = roughly £350 spent in supermarket fuel stops, only the last day did we splash 20l of motorway fuel with gold flakes in