Get Your Bangers Out 2019

How slacker of me to not post on here!

Since around March - I’ve been tinkering with a purchase made to partake in the rally/challenge in aid of Thames Valley Air Ambulance and Sparkles.

Some will have seen the updates thanks to Facebook - so here’s a short version.

In March, collected a Jaguar S-Type with 12 months MOT in line with the rally rules, £400. Now the MOT is fine, it’s safe, doesn’t mean everything works - or in this case, much works at all. A few months of tinkering, fixing, swearing, more swearing and straight up teach anyone in audible range a whole new range of “mechanics phrases”, the car is now on the road, tax and insured.

Our team name is “Garfield Appreciation Society” and you can follow our daily updates on FB Redirecting...

The next LAN meet - you can probably meet and greet with our cat, laugh at some of the “repairs” and hopefully have a bit of a giggle and sponsor our team online or in person.

The sponsor page is and if you do put some in the pot for the good causes, please do mention our team name “Garfield Appreciation Society”.

To paraphrase our veteran “banger rally” members, “what’s the worst that could happen?”

well the weather last night and this morning, I get to see where the leak is I suppose …


Mentioned the Garfield Appreciation Society and the Blue Jag or GAS & the BJ for reasons of brevity

Awesome - cheers for the support!

SO some positive news as the car juggle was done for this weekend. BJ out in the rain and the sunroof doesn’t leak! More to the point, at first glance - nothing leaked, the carpets are still dry and the “unique” smell has gone.

Would be nice to get the floor mats back though, “I’ll use the carpet washer on those” said Bill when last in the workshop. Apparently they are getting closer, they are now next to the carpet cleaner in his store.

couple of hundred miles on the trip computer now - still going strong, still waiting for the carpet mats back from other team member. In the shed apparently, he’s not even used the carpet cleaner on them!

Broken it yet ?

nope - working on it

Wont be long.

Been out and about as we get close to launch date, collecting monies

Just fitted a fused power adapter that provides power to the underside LED or the Inverter depending on mood and need to charge things. That all works and laptop can charge, and a number of USB charging devices all at the same time. New battery went in so pretty confident we won’t kill alternator like we may have done with ceramic heaters before …

Heading out on Thursday morning to get to Lands End

GAS and BJ is in stealth mode - don’t mention the gloves OJ


And the teams are off! You can follow DT & his team mate here - Glympse - Default Viewer or on the main Garfield Appreciation Society page on FB.
Also, if you haven’t donated already…why not? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Come on everyone, lets show our support for our esteemed leader* :grin:

*Or head bitch as he’s also known as