Gimme back DOS

damn windows… (i know but I gotta run it for work app).

Not really anything I’m asking…just venting frustration that for some reason I miss the days of RN, DIR/W/P, and CD\ on a black screen with a command promt. Not to mention a stable envirtonment and not having ten million bugs and viruses that make my start page redirect to some site trying to sell me software to remove the sh*t they out there to begin with and none of the ten thousand programs to remove it can find. Making me sit up till 4 in the morining drinking and smoking way too much trying to get rid of it and giving up and typing a pointless drunken post venting frustration.

:sarcwave: Hey All!!!

Firefox firefox firefox

Your PC will love you for it :nod:

try linux :smiley: but yes i love dos… it rocks

That’s why I love my dayjob. It’s mostly Unix work and all of the Unix work is command prompt driven. No bugginess to deal with from the OS, just our shoddy software.

Im basically stuck with M$. Occasionally do work at home instead of staying at work late… company uses windows only. Therefore they will only buy software that is windows based… Im I’m not paying 6k for my own software… SO… I’ll just have to bitch and complain till I find a new job :smiley: