Giving folding a try

Fed up with predictor atm, having trouble getting work… want to do something biological so i’m giving folding a go on my ltsp rigs.

Seems to be working fine and today sees the first few units going in :slight_smile:

Yeah Predictor seems to be palying up ATM…

Means I’m 100% on Rosetta…



Monday and Tuesday of next week, Sept 26 and 27, we will be upgrading both the operating system and the server software. Between now and then there won’t be any workunits sent out, but you should be able to upload all your results. Monday the website will be offline. It may be late Tuesday before new work is sent out.


Work generation has been disabled due to a scheduled maintenence Monday September 26 -> Tuesday September 27. The website will be offline Monday, 26 Sept for most of the day.

So probably out for a couple of weeks then :stuck_out_tongue:

In the meantime we Folders welcome your help in this great cause :slight_smile:

is it just me or do we seem to be making a shift as TPR back to Folding ?

On LTSP it runs like a dream Peige, less traffic and work for your server to write onto disk, just as a comparison put one node on Boinc and watch the lights on your switch :smiley:

Folding science is :cool: Folding client is a doddle to install as service, Folding servers are so far the best in reliability of all the projects I’ve taken part in. I just hope when they go to Boinc, they take with them what they experience they have to teh Boinc community and make the difference it needs. Of course in the great scale of things, Boinc users vs Folders, but I do think the Folding tech team will give Boinc a real kick up the :moon:

/advert over :lol:

Nice one Peige :thumbsup:


Yeah but Folding have benn going since whenever right :wink:

Helping as many projects as possible is great and I love the fact that TPR is a diverse community and we work on many different projects as a team.

Sometimes I think we’d be unstoppable if we all joined one project but then it’s the diversity that keeps me here. :slight_smile:

I was plesently suprised by how easy the client is to use in an ltsp enviroment and it seems to be very stable and as you say DT, network trafic is much lower.

Will see how it goes but for now a mix of d2ol on my stand alones and fah on ltsp seems quite :cool:

Peige new 521.00

Welcome to the Fold