Giving up doing the SETI Classic Flame stats?

I don’t know if you feel the same, but it doesn’t seem like many people are interested in either doing or reading the SETI Classic Flame stats, so I wonder if you think I should continue to report them on a Sunday like I have done in the past.

The Balrog is doing a fantastic job with the combined stats which of course include the Classic stats, but none of the others who have offered to post the daily Classic stats appear to be doing them at all.

So should I continue with them on a Sunday, or just concentrate on the SETI BOINC stats?

I think many people will be switching to BOINC SETI soon. Maybe you should concentrate on that more. Classic is probably beginning to wind down. :smiley:

Other team’s members have done like Burlsey and Wallis and we need our classic members to start switching over or we’ll get left behind in BOINC. :eek:

Come on guys…time to change with the times! :wasted:

Didnt realise the classic flame was as regular as every week :wink:

Efforts are much appreciated Droid but if your time would be better spent on helping out with Boinc in some way it makes sense to move on.

Just looking at the thread view totals, Boinc Flame was read 75 times, Classic Flame 17.
Sort of answers your question.

The stats never lie…eerr, well now that Excel is doing most of the work :smiley:

I think classic is to all intents and purposes dead now so best to concentrate your/our efforts on something else - but thanks for the work anyway :nod: :thumbsup:

yes, I also think a wind down is in order, but let me extend a handshake of thaks to all those that have contributed to the seti clasic news in the past.


Well I think you should keep doing, I will read them, can’t really speak for anyone else but I will. =o) Glad to be a part of the team, And I will move up the rankings at a decent clip, I hope. =o)

Thanks D. Always glad to have new crunchers in the team. Your contribution will still be recognised in the Combined stats that The Balrog posts for us. As the other guys have said though, at some stage SETI Classic will be stopped and all work will be run under the BOINC system, so your scores will be logged under the SETI BOINC stats I do for the team on a Sunday. When you’re ready, get yourself a BOINC account and you will continue to support SETI and of course still be a part of Team Phoenix Rising.

Cheers for now

Well, see the only issue I have with that is I cannot seem to get BIONIC to connect or run correctly on my PC. Is it even worth switching from Classic? Does it run faster? Right now it takes me an average of 4 hours 40 minutes to do a WU. But anyhow, when I try to get it to connect it always says something like Incorrect URL or Invalid URL. Thank you in advance for the info. =o)


If you’re having specific problems, just post details of your system (processor, motherboard, ram, hd, that sort of thing) and the actual message you are getting and when it happens and the other guys who are a bit more techy than me will be able to help you solve the problems you have.

That’s why I like TPR. If you gotta problem, the guys won’t call you stupid or ignore you, they will always do their best to help you. So let us know the problem and see if we can sort it for you m8. :nod:

Um… Er … Well… Have to confess that the Classic stats aren’t represented in the combistats atm since the crash of Seti@Work. They will catch up when I get a chance to reallign everything though.

Think you’re right though Droid, Classic is on the wane.

Well my processor is an Intel Pentium 4 with Hyper Threading 2.4 Ghz. Motherboard is an Asus Stingray board. 512 Meg of RAM, 80G Hard Drive. Seems as though my computer just don’t like Bionic, I tried to get the newest version earlier today and it just rebooted in the middle of downloading it. Oh well, I will try again later. Any help would be nice though, thanks. =o)

Try 4.19. It seems to be the best for me so far.

That 4 hours 40 minutes, is that with HT enabled? If so you’re really doing twice that, which is pretty fast. :wink:

Yep, that is with HT I think anyhow. Is there something you have to do to enable it or is it already enabled???

In the other thread you said you ran 2 SETI instances at the same time, so HT is already enabled. It’s a BIOS setting I believe and is usually enabled by default.

Well, with the Screen Saver disabled and removing some programs from the memory it seems to be running better than it was. Now a big question… Can I run Bionic AND Classic SETI at the same time safely??

No is the simple answer. They cause conflicts with each other and slow themselves down as a consequence. I would stick with just BOINC. Your classic stats will be added to your BOINC score at some stage in the future anyway, so you won’t lose any work you’ve already done.

Ok thanks for the information, I have it running now and it is doing rather well. So I guess it’ll all be ok now. =o)


I have seen that the Classic flame has been done often, but admit to not looking at it much as I have not run Classic for a year or so.

I concur with previous posts, that you may as well concentrate on Boinc, its not like seti will give us the option later on.

The Dirts

Cheers TD. :thumbsup: Nice to hear from you. Haven’t seen you on the boards for a while m8. Welcome back :nod: