Glasgow boy in air rifle shooting........

I just saw a piece on BBC news just now about a shooting in glasgow where someone was taking pot shots with an air rifle at some firefighters trying to put out a blaze. A 2 year old boy who was walking with his brother got in the way and was shot in the head, sugeons dont think he’ll survive or if he does it will be with profound brain damage. i dont know what it was about this particular piece of news, but it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and evoked quite a strong emotional response. i dont know why most news to me is like “ok”. The kids life is now over and hes only 2, death or a vegetable, either way. my fingers are shaking typing this. i hope they hunt the person responsible down and string him up. idiocy like that must be eradicated from society

Im really angry actually i think. thats why the fingers shake.

And im utterly disgusted beyond belief.

anyone know the laws regarding air rifles? they should be treated with the same sincerity as ‘proper’ firearms IMHO. And the penalties should be severe.

The sad bit is that our declining society can culture an animal that would even think about doing that sort of stuff. Its not just the gun imo, take that away and he’ll find someting else apalling to do, even if its only with a screwdriver :frowning:

i feel this sort of stupidity could be eradicated in two ways. surgical castration to prevent the stupidity from breeding, or half an hour with another idiot wielding that plasma rifle (pain inducer).

or have i just crossed the ‘Final Solution meets Clockwork Orange’ line?

Indeed radar, lets give natural selection a helping hand.

unfortuantly it happens all the time up here…altho this is the first i have herd of a child that young being killed.
its getting worse here and the rest of the world…i blame the government slacking…they should concentrate on the country they are running and less of which country they are going to invite to stay :(.

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the poor 2 Year old Died Today :frowning:

Child murderer. this needs to be punished as serverely as possible.

I think that mabye its better that the child passed on, rather than live with horrendous brain injuries. Know what i mean?

In either case this is an atrocity.

Prison is too good for the murderer. Slow painful death involving sharp implements would be better :realmad:

i think he should be left to the mother to deal with him.
now i think that would be a worthy punnishment.

Lock him in a room with the mother, father and brother of the kid as well as the firefighters he was taking pot-shots at and see who comes out at the end of it… I think we know the answer :smackbum:

And the gran. she was on BBC crying.

Just put him in a room … and brick the doors and windows up.

Waste of a good room then Wolram !! Just put him in with the mother and i doubt ud ever see him alive agen !!