Gmail Drive

Gmail Drive
Extra Hard Drive space!! 2.73Gb to be precise!

Muchly useful if you need to take work backwards and forwards between Uni and home and forgot your damn USB stick…

If you need a Gmail account…I have 98 going :slight_smile: Just message me.

Also for fire fox is this little plugin which does the same kind of thing :slight_smile:

That looks a lot better option than the drive cheers Preecy :smiley:

Means it’s not platform dependant and I can take Firefox about with me on my my USB key.

(And keep firefox on my account in Uni)

Cool… I had that on my old install and it was a handy thing to have. I thought the developer had given up on it… for a while it didnt work… Guess its back and working… i’ll give it a shot :wink:

might need a new gmail acct

For text, word processing and spreadsheets it would also be worth considering google docs. This is a web application enabling you to edit the documents online. You can then, among other things, share docs with other people without giving them your password which is what the developer of gspace seems to assume people would do.