Go on criticise it

Well got an email in my works in-box :wink:

In short saying they have redesigned our website
Well there’s certainly things there i would slate :wink:

However I’m not at home to test under Firefox and other browsers.

So thought well why not let all you lot have your view :wink:

Go on tell us what you think :nod:


Thanks folks

Works fine for me in firefox :slight_smile:

Only thing i would mention is when you hover over the links on the left hand side, they list which drops down stays open after the mouse has been moved away. Is this supposed to happen. This is in firefox btw.

edit/ the lists close after the heading is clicked

You spelt criticise wrong :wink:

:confused: It appears OK to me, to spell-check and to my complete and unabridged Collins dictionary. It can also be spelt with a ‘z’.

It says critise it instead of criticise, it’s missing an ic

Ah - 'tis funny how the brain sees what it wants to see from time to time :slight_smile:

/Abracadabra - poof

Looks OK to me now :slight_smile:

It certainly does:thumbsup:

Looks good to me with linux firefox

hmmmmmmm Butter!

Anyone know why that img link no workie?

poof - and the img tag works :wink:

on the site, I find the behaviour of the navigation weird, the fact that when over a new nav portion that expands, the other don’t reset.


(was set to not allow img tag in this forum)

Thx folks :wink:

Indeed the Menu was the 2nd thing that stood out for me, looks like
javascript from a freescripts site.