God I love Broadband!

Sorry just have to share my feeling of adulation,

Downloading the latest SP2 from Microsoft as we speak, I decided to get the ‘standalone’ package and the slipstreamed ver togeather, which makes for a download of over 1 gig,

The downloader is saying 4 hours to completion…

God I LOVE Broadband!

and :spam: by the looks of things :smiley:

spam, me, never, (800posts with this one btw)

4 hours?, slow man…

What you need, is a Fat Pipe™.

Available from all good leased line suppliers :slight_smile:


I still can’t beleave i have it some days. I’m 7km from the exchange and i thought it would never happen until telewest decided to upgrade Eurobells Analogue system and i got a leaflet one day asking if i wanted broadband totally out of the blue (harr harr)

Now basking in the glory of 1.5meg Blueyonder :cool:

Before that it was one way sat and aol :o