Goin back to Africa :)

This would get there, bet he won’t sell it for £100 :frowning:
And yes, it is a V8 :slight_smile:

Im sure if you tell him what you are going to be using it for a charity event as it is a good cause he might there would be no harm in asking the worse he can really say in no but you might get to his more sensetive side coz i know you blokes have a sensitive side you just dont show it very often :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice… but wheres the challenge in going there in something that’s ment for the job :smiley:



I think these features will come in especially handy…


i wonder who will win the fight for the pink fluffy cusions :wink:

could be pinky MKII

now if someone in TPR felt like being REALLY silly, buying that limo and flogging it to Mojo for £95, then it qualifies doesn’t it?
Could be a great holiday for about 6 people next year! what you think? I’d seriously consider it so long as Martin cooks :wink: