Going to see chelsea play tomorrow...

…and im a man u fan. The g/f’s dad has a spare ticket and offered it to me free of charge. As i’ve got a holiday off work this week I would have been a fool to turn it down.

Now…what to wear.
Man U Shirts - 10+
England Shirts - 4
Chelsea Shirts - 0 (not that i would be seen dead in one anyway :D)

England shirt.

I assume they’re in the Chelsea end.
I’ve known people sat in the wrong wearing the wrong shirt getting kicked out, just for being.

And that was a Portsmouth Vs Spurs match :wink: (Which by the way is an awful ground for away fans…uncovered and standing…just the way Wolly remembers it I guess :wink: :wolram: )

Cheeky beggar … there again as a Luton Town supporter I’m well used to a crap ground :lol:

Ah Luton fans I remember them… easily recorgnised in there beige suits, swade shoes and tendancy to leap about all over the pitch on the last day of the season :wink: :slight_smile:


You’re maybe confusing us with millwall ?

they used to jump all over the pitch on any day of the season

A Pleated suit perchance :smiley:

:lol: those were the days :thumbsup:

Your begining to sound like my Grandad :wink:


good game ?


It was ok. we got seats behind the goal so it was a pretty good view. Levski sofia looked like a secondary school team in pre-match training which was funny to watch. I enjoyed the match though, a decent effort by both sides.

Shame it wasnt the chelsea- arsenal match, drogba and lehmann’s little ‘dispute’ looked hilarious.