Good plan?

= we are playing about catering for every situation?

When/if they shut down classic, hardware & bandwidth will be abundant.
All the above hardware ran for years with few problems…
Are they being over-cautious or covering their tracks?

You decide…

So ya plan to bring “da project” up for halfa day…cool my SETI clients are currently deferring for about 2 months so being online for 0.5 days will make a BIG difference…

Somebody give me a good reason why SETI Boinc is a good project?

LOL Umm That’s a tough one :smiley:
Well Seti in its original form is the main DC project that brought us together. Boinc is the DC platform of the forseeable future. Apart from that :shrug:

Cough, cough… Folding folding;)

Another thing, why do they need a cable for every UPS to server connection? In my environment once the shutdown command has been received by one server it then issues a shutdown command to all the others:confused: