google map

lol I love google map :smiley:,10.205451&spn=0.002404,0.006738&om=1&spn=0.002404,0.006738&om=1

Is that a new earwig-shaped balloon Max? :smiley:

damn big Zeppelin if you ask me! :smiley:

Oh Noes
Theres an exoskeletal invertabrate in my scanner!

That or Germany is being invaded by something

Same thing is on Google Earth, so it must be real :slight_smile:

I hope that “earwig-shaped balloon” is not attacking the citys in the neighborhood or the motorway because I drive nearly every weekend on it. :smiley:


Have you checked this pic recently? The earwig has disappeared!!! :eek:

Rescanned I guess Droid :wink:

Satelittles orbit so I guess google are trying to keep it upto date.

Well we do have it saved for prosperity

wow it has realy disappered or was it just a… [QUOTE=Walter O’Reilly;349148]damn big Zeppelin … [/QUOTE]


saw it and had a starship troopers flashback!