Got a freebie, let's talk Hyperthreading

OK got me a brand spanking new Dell Precision 670 workstation with dual 3.0Ghx Xeons.

runnnig Fedora C5 and the Benchmarks are dismal with Hyper threading on.

Advise needed, to Hyperthread or not to Hyperthread?

As you’re noted before, it’s not about speed, it’s about throughput. HT helps some things a lot, and may slightly hinder others. Overall, I’ve found leaving it on is a good thing, but it does depend on the application. What will you be running on it that needs CPU? In general, the total throughput is higher at the cost of lower performance per individual thread.

I would hope FC5 supports HT correctly (under windows, that’s XP and above, no idea about nxes). If it doesn’t, it will kill single thread benchmarks. If you want to play it safe, then turn HT off. You now you will have no more or less than 2x 3 GHz then.

Well it is running “that R” app now :rolleyes:

don’t tell Nightlordy, he might get scared and run away! haha

Got HT on my recent Xeon purchase, yes the benchmarks were not great, but the output was pretty good on SIMAP. I think I posted somewhere was about 40points an hour with standard no messed with client. Some things prefer raw Ghz, others cores. :shrug:


Well that is about what it sees for the whole box per hour on Rosey! :wink:

Well from the one Ive got running Simap for me… it seems the benchys are like doggy poo… but it makes up for that when it pushes 2 out every 38mins…

your call but I think thats a nice windows boinc box :wink:

WINDERS! WINDERS! nah you should know better by now! :chuckle:

send it to me ill be happy to run it for you :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, far be it for me to give you an extra boost in performance :wink: but I would enable HT.

You may well take a hit on the benchies per cpu, but add up the total output across 4 virtual cpu’s and it should easily outperform the setup without HT.

Then again; no, turn off HT, wind the CPU speed down to 1GHz or lower, run under Windows and return to stock client therbye enjoying total stability. Do the same for all you other boxes to ensure no rolling power blackouts across Arizona this summer.

I’m sure it will have little noticable effect on you crunching output :rolleyes:


Run under windos? Surely that will give him better benchmarks??What about running Linux on a windows box under a virtual machine? That should do the job nicely :wink:

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You can run one boinc client and one fah client and they will both get 100% CPU performance with HT on. or two fah clients :wink:

Well it was worth a try :rolleyes:

With your new boxes on line, your’e currently taking between 3 and 4k out of me each day and the race to 1.5M is looking a good deal tighter than I had imagined :cry:

Nightlord = 1.093M, 98k in last 7 days = 1.5M in 29 days
MAOJC = 986k, 120k in last 7 days = 1.5M in 30 days

Looks like I need a new plan :confused:

Did you notice who was right behind you? :eek: :stomp::stomp::stomp::stomp:

Or who was just ahead of you? :lol: :wave:

PS all is fair in love and TPR DRAG RACES! :driving: