Got myself a new toy!

Gone and got myself a new car to replace me little Ford SportKA…

Insurance is the same - £360 fully comp for 12k miles a year.

Fun factor is the same if not better… corners like a dream

Fuel consumption is roughly about the same… 35mpg if drove carefully:)

It only cost £1400…

It is in immaculate condition for its age… it’s a 1987 model…

Looks the dogs danglies…

So what have i bought???


1987 Porsche 944S… and has a big wad of receipts, MOTs, and comes with a full service history…

Can’t wait to get it taxed so I can go out for a play:driving:

crikey, that’s a lot different to the KA, looks good and sounds like you got a decent deal there.


It was a Porsche Club members car… has 10 months MOT on it, and was fully services when it got MOT’d and then was SORN’d…

And its got a dead sexy sounding stainless exhaust on it… :smiley:

Well chuffed with it!!!

Nice one. Excellent deal on the motor as long as it;s sound. Is it on classic car insurance?

WOW, that is nice. Very nice buy indeed.

Looks like a fun toy, bit of a step up from the KA. :smiley:

Looking very nice :slight_smile:

The car is well sound, the owner was heartbroken to see it go. He had wanted to take it to Spain with him, where he is retiring, but would have cost too much to convert for use over there. It’s been looked after by Porsche Dealers and Porsche specialists all its life.

£360 quote was with RAC on - haven’t tried classic specialists yet and i don’t want a limited milage policy as I will be using it everyday.

Only thing missing is the Porsche badge on the front.

Here’s mine:

1983 911 SC convertible. The last year Porsche made the SC, the first year Porsche made a convertible.

:cool: Very nice Andy :cool:

[QUOTE=Andy Williams;433122]Here’s mine:

1983 911 SC convertible. The last year Porsche made the SC, the first year Porsche made a convertible.[/QUOTE]

I like those too, old Porches are awesome. I’m not a big fan of the new era although I wouldn’t kick a GT2/3 out of bed;)

Get to play with the sexy beast on Sunday… Getting the tax disc tomorrow, and me insurance is getting swopped over at midnight on Saturday


Well, 4 years down the line and it will soon be time to say goodbye to it. The last MOT cost quite a few quid to get through and with E10 unleaded petrol coming in this year it would mean switching to using Super Unleaded as ethanol in E10 isn’t to friendly to the fuel system in the old girl. It’ll be going on fleabay soon and with a bit of luck I’ll get what I paid for it as prices seem to be moving upwards now.

Already have the new Fiend-mobile… a 2009 Volvo C30 1.8 R-Design Sport in Black, apparently quite a rare spec as they sold less than 100 in the UK. Mrs Fiend is well impressed with the new toy and certainly likes it better than the porker!!!

Lovely car that C30 Fiend. Droid<------ is a long term Volvo fan.

My 1997 S40 2.0 is in having its MOT at the mo and likely to be its last as it is getting too dear to maintain. Need to get a diesel car, so looking for a reasonable V50 2.0TD, low mileage when the money comes through from the sale of the house. Will be sad to see it go. It was a distress purchase when my old 740GLE expired and initially I couldn’t get on with it, but it has proven its worth over the past 8 years and I’ve almost doubled the mileage it had on it when I bought it. But it only let me down once when the throttle cable snapped, besides which I’ve only had to replace wear and tear items, like brakes, filters,etc.

Lovely little car.

[QUOTE=Droid;465537]Lovely car that C30 Fiend. Droid<------ is a long term Volvo fan.

The C30 is basically a Ford Focus but in a Volvo body, but the build quality is miles better than Ford. Mine uses a Mazda engine (same engine as the MX5) and Ford Gearbox.

I’m well impressed by it but do have a couple of minor gripes about it… like the 12V socket obstructs gear changes when your charging your phone and it loses the 12V to the socket after pulling the key out so I can’t leave my phone charging in the car whilst at work. Me thinks I’ll have to mod it so I can.

Volvos are awesome family cars, we’re looking at getting an XC90 2.5 diesel.