GPU what to get?

Ok so looking at some peoples outputs and thinking I want some of that… what would be a good GPU to look to get?

Looking for pretty decent number but then also looking to keep a pretty decent number in my pocket too :wink:

I don’t mind pre-owned :slight_smile:

This is just a feeler being sent out to find out what’s what before I decide on buying anything…

around the £100-£120 mark is what im looking at hopefully :slight_smile:

For games or for crunching mate?


ooops I assumed it being in the Crunchers Cafe that it would explain the situation… Deffo for Crunching… I have a PS3 and Vita for gaming no need for more on that front lol

Nvidia GTX460s are about that price and give good bang per buck - and I’ve got a pair of Gainward GTX260 Golden Samples that are surplus to requirements that also give reasonable to good results when over-clocked - each about 80% of the crunching capability of a GTX460 but use more power.

Would you be looking at floggin the pair or just one?

And then the age old question of what the damage would be for them? :smiley:

They get £50-60 on fleabay so to you - £45 +p&p for one or £90 all in for the pair. - they are big cards (27cm long) so make sure that they will fit your case before you buy, they also use 2x 6pin pcie power connectors each

I’m running a GTX460 on GPUGRID ( Long tasks) which gives me a decent RAC… A GTX560 might be a better suggestion as it will be clocked higher, which means a wee bit more output…

And there is plenty available on fleabay…

Hey chaps I did a little GPU grid performance / price comparison chart. This is valid only for GPUGRID as it uses performance data gathered by GPUGRID developers so might not be quite right for other projects. All prices updated as of today from Scan website. Energy usage charts reflect absolute maximum system power draw from the wall. If I can find a good source of electricity usage for the cards only I will update my figures but though the values are overly high the ratios between cards should be roughly right.

As you can see best bang for buck overall is the GFX 560 TI 448 edition. If you can find those second hand they’d be the ones to get. Quite rare s/h though.

The GTX480 is a good bet - lots of power for the money but unfortunately not good on electricity or noise.

The GTX680 will be the new performance king based on alpha testing of the new GPUGRID client. GTX680 offers outstanding crunching ability per watt used but unfortunately is expensive to buy outright.

Hope this helps (if your planning on running GPUGRID, which I hope you are boyo!) :smiley:


Well it’s all food for thought atm and just looking at options :slight_smile:

First of all I have to find something to sit the card in :smiley:

Hey dudes. I found a website that listed modern cards based on the actual energy usage of the card (rather than the whole PC) they measured via the 6 and 8 pin connectors and a slot in PCI express measuring card (so about as accurate as you can get). This gives us much more accurate watt readings. I have updated my chart based on these new readings and also added a new field calculating the yearly electricity cost of running the card 24/7/365 (based on my British Gas Standard Energysmart Tariff)

This is very enlightening for long term 24/7 crunchers as if you look at the difference between running a GTX480 and a GTX680, the GTX680 might be £246.64 more expensive to buy in the first place, BUT it would actually save you £106.70 per year in electricity so would pay for itself in just over 2 years, AND ALSO AT THE SAME TIME it would have done exactly twice as much crunching as the 480 would have. That’s astounding.

So say if you originally bought 2 x gtx480 and your sitting back happy and contented that your doing the same amount of crunch as the posh guy over there with the GTX680 - it would cost you an extra 381.82 per year just in electricity to do the same crunching, now the posh guy is sitting back happy and you are not!!!

The new 600 series is so efficient it could make purchasing multiple cheaper older cards a bad idea in the long term as you will pay through the nose in electricity.

I eagerly await the new 660/670 series as it could be a revolution for GPU grid cruncher electricity bills!!

New Chart


Looking at your figures The GTX460 although not the best performing card works out as being a decent value crunching card, cheap to buy and cheap to run. Mine achieves an average of 2.1 Million a months GPUGRID running 24/7

Yes 460 and 560 are good value ways to get into doing GPUGRID. EVEN better if you can get em second hand on the cheap!


What’s the best card to get in the £120-£140 region for a little light gaming and some DC on the side?

Probably the GTX460 1GB… But if I were you I would wait until the Mid-range GTX6XX cards are released over the next couple of months. I’ve decided to hold off upgrading until I see how the new cards perform.

I would love to hold off and not bother buying one until that sort of time… except currently I have nothing…now that I have a few games id like to give a whirl… I need something to run them :slight_smile:

that’s a 560 or thereabouts new, but some project do now support the radeon cards - so depends on whether it’s a cruncher of gamer card :slight_smile: I think you’re in the 7770 range for AMD, there’s a bit of a gap in the range for your price range where the Nvidia range site the 560 (non ti version) in that bracket.