Grand Prix or banger racing?

Ummm, I would say its actually more a game of snooker.

Bottas as cue ball, hits the orange and get both reds in to the corner pocket…

Start crash, Hungaroring, 2021 · RaceFans

I was too busy today to watch any of it live but having seen the outcome I don’t think I’ll bother.

Hats off to Verstappen, his last race exit ended with a 51G impact and his crash helmet disintegrated

HohoHo back down the grid you go Bottas the Banger man.

Bottas handed five place grid penalty for next race

BUDAPEST, Aug 1 (Reuters) - Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas will have a five place grid penalty at Formula One’s next race in Belgium after the Finn triggered chaos and collisions on the opening lap of Sunday’s Hungarian Grand Prix.

The race was halted after Bottas braked late and hit the back of Lando Norris’s McLaren, which then smashed into the side of Formula One leader Max Verstappen’s Red Bull and wrecked the race for both.

Stewards ruled Bottas caused an avoidable collision at turn one, in wet and slippery conditions, and also handed him two penalty points.

“The Stewards took into consideration the track conditions, however the driver of car 77 was fully to blame for the collision,” they said in a statement.

The race was halted and re-started on Sunday with four drivers retiring – Bottas, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll and Red Bull’s Sergio Perez.

The Finn made a sluggish getaway and was passed by Norris and Verstappen, and he then braked way too late into the opening corner.

Human error or team orders…
"Pretend to mess up your launch, whoever gets in font of you will… be useful "

does that now mean hs just has more pins to knock over - 5 extra victims :smiley:


what is this the BTCC of the 90’s ?

BTCC is the natural progression for the moment you dont fit into an F1 car any more or perhaps weigh more than the engine.

This driver VS powerplant thought sent me off a searchin… Down the rabbit hole we go

All the facts you would ever need to be a gold standard F1 pub bore

However this one fact caught my eye on page 4 “Halfway to impossible” in the Did You Know section

“The difference in weight between a fully charged and empty battery is less than a grain of sand”

The very fact a charged battery weighs more has me on the verge of more searching that will eat my afternoon when I have servers to update.

How do electrons weigh more… erm

I didnt watch the race today but followed the updates

14:10 ### Team radio - Hamilton
“These tyres. I’m going to struggle to keep this pace.”

14:26 ### Team radio - Mercedes to Hamilton
Engineer: “Dash position six.”
Hamilton: “Repeat man?!!”
Engineer: “Dash position six. Dash position six.”

  • Secret code to unlock the mega-boost ?

14:33 ### Post update
By the way, both Hamilton and Verstappen moved from soft tyres to mediums.

14:44 ### Team radio - Hamilton
“[Verstappen] is getting super lucky with traffic, man.”

15:04 ### Team radio - Hamilton
“I’m not going to make it to the end on these tyres.”

15:08 ### Team radio - Hamilton
“[Red Bull] are just so fast.”

15:10 ### Post update Jolyon Palmer, Former Renault driver on BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra
It is tight. Hamilton has just done the fastest lap, he has taken four tenths out of Verstappen’s lead.
The gap is still 2.6 seconds at the moment. So whilst he doesn’t think the tyres will make it and he thinks Red Bull are super quick, he’s keeping Verstappen very, very honest.

15:12 ### Team radio - Hamilton
“I’m killing my tyres trying to keep up!”


Team radio - Red Bull to Verstappen

Engineer: “Gap at 3.8. 3.8.”
Verstappen: “Is [Hamilton] complaining about something or what?!”
Engineer: “His tyres are done!”

All down to tyres ?

Three cheers for RedBull, keeping Mercedes off the top step of the podium again.

A calm head prevails, as Corporal Jones would have said…

The element that really amuses me it the F1 live coverage has voting buttons.
WTF is the point of voting down the race updates ?
Oh Noes, 154 people didn’t like this update, perhaps they don’t understand it is an actual race ?

15:08 ### Team radio - Hamilton
“[Red Bull] are just so fast.”

postition 6?

checks that book … you’ll never manage that in a F1 cockpit

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This season has just shown up how much of a farce F1 has become… At Silverstone Hamilton takes takes Max out of the race, gets 10 second penalty and yet still wins the race… The crash caused some damage to the engine on the Red Bull but luckily Honda gave it the all clear… If that engine had been written off in the crash then Red Bull would have been penalised for using too many engines on top off the £1.8 Million damage to Max’s car…

If Bottas hadn’t secured a place with Alfa he has the perfect CV for a place with Ford on the short circuits