Graphics Cards

Looking at a new graphics card to accompany my purchases of C+C3 and Stalker so I can up the power on them. My nVidia 6200 is a bit long in the tooth now.

I was looking at CClonline as I’ve heard good things from Damski (and if I’m lucky I can get out there and buy the parts in person saving on postage :slight_smile: )

Budget is max of £150. nVidia as well because the machine will dual boot windows and linux and nVida are better supported in linux it would appear.

Now I’m totally confused as to what to get as I thought bigger numbers generally implied better cards… Do I want a larger card number or more RAM on the card? :confused:

The shortlist was really the following:
Fatal1ty 7600GT
256MB XFX GeForce 7900GS XXX
512MB Palit GeForce 7900GS
512MB Inno3D iChill 7900GS

Or is there anything else thats better? Looking for BF2, Stalker and C+C3 mainly. Anyone recommend one?

Performance wise skip the 7600GT. It’s not bad, but if you want more, the 7900gs will get you more. The last one is more interesting to me as it looks like it has a quieter cooler, then again you pay more for it. Otherwise I’d take the 3rd one. The links don’t provide clock speeds but guessing from price/name the 2nd one might be a pre-overclock? The more ram will probably be more useful in the long term.

If you later decide you can push the budget a bit further then 8800GTS are not far off.

Found someone who’ll sell me a 7900GTo 512Mb RAM for £120 for one or £200 for his SLI pair.

From the benchmarks it looks tasty. I’m paying him for one or both next week.