Great Timing...NOT!

Urgent notice from Central Networks arrived today

Power will be off here this sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. inclusive (or thereabouts).
Rest of the weekend should be OK.

That means Sunday morning no showers, lights, general power, food, bar…

Carry on or cancel?

hmm i think we will manage…wait… THE BAR !!! Noooooooooooooooooooo

Hmmm, :chin: as you say what a pain Mojo. The events are kinda more socials than geeks now. I tend to leave early ish Sunday compared to others, might just mean I get there earlier Friday to get some lan gamage in.

If we were to postpone, what have you got in the diary that is available ? My concern would be that although “planned” for Sunday, may see a few small ones during Saturday :chin:


Would be better for me and Mickey-C if you put it back a couple of weeks…

This weekends a no-no for both of us.

Majority vote though…

:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:


Would think it has got to stay now, too close for those who have booked holidays, train tickets, air tickets (Endre).

Is a generator an option for the “basics”, lighting and the kettle ?


too bad we cant just daisy chain a **** load of PSU’s :slight_smile:

i’l even use my Watch Battery if it helps!

I say leave it as is. From what i’ve seen its become more of a Late Thursday to Sunday morning thing now anyways, lots of people leave during Sunday morning, plus as DT says, lots of stuff booked in the way of trains and flights.
I don’t think it will have any effect tbh :slight_smile:

On a side note, we had this last year… out of the blue, we’re going to shut off power on x day. As a business it just isn’t acceptable, there’s nothing they will do to compensate, the only thing they were willing to do was explain how to keep my stuff frozen, like that was a help :rolleyes: We ended up hiring two 100kva Generators at a total cost of around £1500 for the day.

My experiance of these shutdowns is that they will cut off exactly on time but its most likely that it will be back on sooner than they say. For us it was to cut down a tree that was overhanging the line, on the morning in question we were able to find the cutting crew and get more information.

As for a kettle… hows about a gas burner and a pan :cool:

I say leave it as is. Sunday morning is more of a recovery time for most and it is a bit short notice for those that have made special arrangements. Could see a morning trip to the local supermarket for food though :smiley:

Keep going. Sunday tends to be a packing up time anyway. If needs be, how about a few cheap camping stoves for hot drinks and pot noodle-type food?
And if showers are minimised, there should be enough hot water in tanks for basic washing?

I’ll volunteer to go to Welshpool on saturday to get supplies in if we go ahead.

I say keep it going :nod: We can all survive without power no probs :thumbsup:

As other’s have said, holidays have been booked and tickets bought…so if it’s ok with you and Bev to go ahead, I say bring it on :smiley:

i also agree with the centiments of others here, lets keep the event on, i have allready booked the friday off work

OK we will carry on, but please make note we cannot run a whole pub on two inverters and a borrowed gennie - so from a commercial POV the pub is closed until 2 p.m.

Will dig out a gas bottle for basic watter-boiling duties i.e. T & coffee :slight_smile:

Maybe those with thermus flasks actually bring them
and they could be filled maybe in the early morning
to keep some coffee warm for those who raise from
the dead early-ish in that time frame where power
maybe off.

so for “Hair of the dog” it’s bottled beers then :drink:


yep and an ice chest for bottled beers and soda?

Yup leave as is, most (looks at DT) are usually still asleep till at least noon so no problems here :smiley: . I know i have booked holidays and think of endre, who has booked train, plane and boat tickets to get here :slight_smile:

Well, if you are off absinthe, beer would probably do instead.

wow, endre is REALLLLLLY deadicate!

Oh yes :nod: Think this is about his fourth Mojos (if I’m remembering correctly) :smiley:

Think the plan will be to get rather drunk then not wake up till about noon.
Hmmm…not really original, i’m sure i’ve used that plan before :smiley:
And yep Endre does put to shame alot of UK based members that haven’t made it to Mojo’s :wink: