Just joined :slight_smile: and thought I’d post and say hi.
Used to do Seti many many moons ago, and then sort of forgot about it.
Noticed a co-worker with it going, and that, gees, I really should get on that again. Discovered the Rosetta thing, and thought that would be cool.

Anyway, hellooo everyone waves and heads off to actually get ready for work


Nice to see an old DC’er get back into crunching :slight_smile:

welcome to the team.

ayup :smiley: and welcome to TPR :smiley:

i see your into online games… do tell :wink:
points to the download site for eve-online :Pimp:

hi tasi

welcome to TPR we are a crazy bunch of ppl so dont be put off with all the mad stuff you see lol

Hope to see you around

:yippee: another Rosetta cruncher! :funknana:

Welcome, and have at it, If you need some tips on getting the best out of the box, let us know, there are some tricks.

Hiya Tasi, nice to have you onboard :slight_smile:


Green things & salivations tasi

Welcome to TPR!! Great to see a cruncher return! :cheers:

wow… a new member and no need to :Pimp: … whats the world comming too

… and… HELLO :slight_smile:

:wavey: Hi tasi. Welcome to TPR. Now about this Rosetta thing…:deal: Have you signed up yet?

Aloha Tasi:wave: wellcome.

Thanks for the welcome folks!
Yip, I’m doing Rosetta, if that’s what you mean by signing up Droid :slight_smile:
I’ll check out the Eve online website… I’m currently in between games… thought EQII might do it for me, but… no. Wow had me for a while, but I think I’m just not in the gaming mood right now lol… cause nothing seems to hold my attention.

Anyway… thanks again for the welcome… and happy crunching!


did i hear ‘eve-online’ get mentioned? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: Best game i have ever played imo… more of a hobby than a game tho as it takes so much time. But unlike most other games, a veteran player with a poor setup can lose his ship to a 3 week old player :slight_smile:

welcome to the the forums btw folks :smiley:

EDIT : oops… it was me that mentioned eve-online :lol: (damn… must stop posting after beers) :stuck_out_tongue:

hay tasi welcome to TPR,

Welcome tasi :slight_smile:
And yes Eve-Online is a very cool game others may not think so but they have not taken a sip from the holy grail that is EVE!

howdy tasi =) welcome to tpr