Gromacs 33 on Windows

Just noticed a Gromacs 33 work unit running on one of my Windows rigs.

From Server
/~pande/Win32/x86/beta//Core_a0.fah from
[16:38:36] Folding@Home Gromacs 3.3 Core
[16:38:36] Version 1.71 (February 3, 2006)

Seems as though its been out since this time last year, although i’ve never seen it run before. Maybe a typo in the date?

No idea.

It was a linux only core at one point AFAIK.
Now on Windows as well?

Yup… linux only according to the wiki… but now we have it on windows… all well :slight_smile: some good grom33 units out there.

Grom33 units are very nice on my AMD 3500+

Churn out well over the PPD machine.