Group Policies

I have a group policy that allows a group called “helpdesk techs” to do the following

Add computer to the domain
Backup files
Restore files

But for some reason I can’t find the option that allows them to install service packs etc. Also, when they try and do a system restore it reckons they don’t have the required permissions.

Very wierd, does anyone know what I can do?

The user account performing the installation of Service packs and Updates require
the following rights in the group policy:

SE_SECURITY_PRIVILEGE = Manage auditing and security log
SE_BACKUP_PRIVILEGE = Backup Files and directories
SE_RESTORE_PRIVILEGE = Restore files and directories
SE_TAKE_OWNERSHIP_PRIVILEGE = Take ownership of files or other objects

Hope that helps. Checked our internal sources and they all say the same.
Tell me if it worked!

Thanks Tank, I’ll check it out.