Group Policy / Internet Connection Wizard

hi all, another random one (like always)

i have a machine, that is subjected to a group policy on the users auto login (win2k) i have administrator rights to this machine, but cannot change the group policy.

Problem is that i have to make a button on this machine to run a intranet site. on nearly all other sites this works without failed, apart form this one.

They all run the same group policy also. I have forced the group policy to renew, but still when trying to load a internet explorer page it comes up with an insufficent priviliages to run internet conenction wizard.

Any ideas of how to automaticly setup the conenction wizard not to run and to be configured automaticly? or how to change the group policy for this one site locally?

What i have done (thanks to google) is create a reg key in the connection wizzard folder called completed but this only applies to the admin account (for you cannot access the regedit via the users login)

Any ideas for this is driving me madDD:cussing: :censored: :coffee: :bsod:

I can’t help with the group policy part.

I’m pretty sure that the lockout on regedit is only a registry setting that blocks the “regedit” application. Other programs like vbs and C++ (and freeware from the web) should be able to change the settings in the registry (they can unblock the lockout too).

if you set ie options in group policy does this not imply that the settings are there and it doesn’t need to run the IC wizard?

Just cause loads of arguments :catfight: , and get them to set the company intranet as users default home page (using group policy) :smiley:

Hmmmmmm, does that class as spam?

yes it does…but now I have deleted the post no one will know what we are on about :wink: :slight_smile: