GRR!! Ruddy spyware!

just got the new laptop, removed Fedora Core 4 (surprised it could run!:eek: ) then installed Windows 2K. Was connected to the hub while it installed.

Start machine, Click something to set LAN…restart. Some pop up telling me I have 55 registry errors and need to goto or something!:mad:

Looks like I’ll restart, reinstall 2K then disconnect from network and place Avast and Zone alarm on first:mad:

Put Fedora back on! LOL

if you were direct connect to the internet in any way (no NAT etc) then its very likley an unpatched machine will get borged within minuites…get some NAT!

Connect via ICS on my hub :S

Added Avast and Zonealarm…Supposdely there too good for a 266MHz machine and if thats the case, I’ll dig the linux distro’s out…(DSL looks good :p)


Firewall and Anti virus installed, run Servie pack 4 upgrade…

bit of the way through…

"55 system registry errors.

Goto www.fix-ms .com to fix"

:mad: :cussing:
Corrupt Service pack 4 file?! Would like Linux but ruddy machine means I’d need to start stuff up manually at start…


Seeing as youve just installed, its easier to tear down and start again than try to dig out the spyware rot.

check your is settings, ports ETC. AFAIK ics uses a NAt implemetation to get teh job done.

Yeah…Currently undergoing a DSL install :stuck_out_tongue:

That is an easier problem to fix than any M$ problem! :lol: There are several ways to get the linux stuff to start at boot or login. :nod:

Damm Small Linux wouldn’t install. Got to searching stuff to scan and then froze.
Completely isolated machine from the internet and am now completly updating it to Service Pack 4 and adding Av and firewall. etc.

If I knew how to run various apps on startup at Linux I might use it. and how to find out why DSL wouldn’t install…