Grrr, some ebay sellers really get my goat

Bought some trainers the other day as a Buy it Now, arrived yesterday. Spoke to the seller and told her they had arrived and asked why i hadn’t received any feedback. She said that she was waiting to see what i said about her before leaving feedback for me.

Now that really gets my goat, i mean how much more of a positive ebayer can you be if you use buy it now and pay using paypal instantly.





PS i may be suffering from A-PMT (Associated PMT - Our lass is all hormonal a the moment)

Hrmm… what to say…

Ebay sucks?

yeah i’ll go with that :slight_smile:

Then leave something random

“looks new and not too stinky”
“Oven ready”

Or maybe a Monty Python quote.

I have to admit I’m bad for this as I’ve been caught out a couple of times with buyers leaving me a neg for something that was stated in the auction. Maybe you’d call it revenge feedback but I don’t take kindly to people bidding on stuff and not reading descriptions properly then leaving me a neg for it.

YES! I say

"Every sperm is sacred, Every sperm is great. If a sperm is wasted, God gets quite irate. "

I’ve always considered it the norm that buyer leaves feed back for seller 1st

Doesnt really matter, you can always leave a reply to feedback I think

From the seller’s perspective, they don’t know all has gone well until they get feedback. If something isn’t right, they’ll most likely want to put it right first.

Exactly. I won’t leave feedback for a buyer until I’ve had confirmation that they have the goods and are happy with them. Whether that confirmation consists of feedback left by them or an email doesn’t really bother me.

I think you’re a bit optimistic to expect the seller to have left you feedback without knowing whether you have them or not.

Ive both bought and sold on ebay…and hate the feedback system…especially sellers who use feedback as blackmail. As a buyer, I think the seller should leave feedback as soon as payment is received. The buyers part of the transaction is done as soon as the seller receives the money. I use buy it now and pay immediately, but I have to wait for sellers to give me feedback based on what I have posted…thats bull. As a seller, I leave feedback as soon as I get paid…yes, Ive had some buyers not leave me any feedback at all, but none have left negative or even neutral…all the feedback I have gotten has been positive. But to me, the buyer has fulfilled his part of the transaction by paying me. If they leave a neg comment about something posted, I would use the reply system or ask ebay to remove the comment…something that is possible, but rarely done I think.

Another ebay rant…one Im going through right now…bought 4 items from same guy for about $25US…paid immediately with paypal…didnt even get an invoice from him before I paid. He emails me a week later asking for payment…I send him the paypal confirmation number, etc…still says he hasnt been paid…send him a screenshot, and hear nothing for another week…then I get an automated message saying my items “are being shipped”…that was about 10 days ago, and the tracking info still says that it hasnt been dropped off for shipping yet. But to file a claim…I will have to pay a $25 fee…so whats the point??

Your situation is surely the function of the feedback system. Yes it is blackmail but that’s how its got to work with people you can’t get hold of

Shouldn’t have that to pay if you file a dispute with paypal. Well I know here we don’t pay a fee to do it.

This happens all of the time to me.
Sellers even state on their lots that they will not give feedback until they receive it first.
This is blackmail and should be stopped by Ebay as when you have bid, won and paid you have fulfilled all of your obligations as a purchaser.
I know they are afraid of negative feedback that some f***wits give at the drop of a hat, but the majority of use the feedback correctly.

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