Grrr @ that dratted cat!!!

:tiphat: @ Sylvester.:whiteflag:



We don’t have any defence against that cat!!! :scared:

[QUOTE=Butuz;456398]:tiphat: @ Sylvester.:whiteflag:



well, our Sylvester
sometimes he overacts a little bit… but in fact ‘he’ is a very friendly cat…

Last year i’ve seen his workroom… there were about 30 (private) quadcores and a tropical clima

Hello crunching friends
Apology for the stress, which I for you prepare. For Me it was not clear that your request is the assistance for Heidi and that this is the reason, that your team will hold the first place.
Is anyone able to report somewhat details on it. In our forum (Planet 3Dnow!) puzzle some, which with Heidi is.
If this is not intended for the public, also a mail is possible.
If it like that is, as I assume, however everyone, who wants to crunch Docking, should be welcome.
Therefore my computers will crunch Docking for the next weeks.

Happy crunching
Tomcat New Year’s Eve (Kater Sylvester :slight_smile:

Welcome to our forum Sylvester… we are honoured by your presence!

We crunch Docking because we are inspired by Heidi AKA Vortex AKA Scientific Frontline.

Heidi often goes missing from the forum due to her illness, but DoubleTop (Malcom) will give you her contact details if you PM him.

We are only a small team, it is our quest to reach #1 in Docking in honour of Heidi. We were slowly catching up with P3D… that was until the legend that is Sylvester unleashed his monsters…

Guten Tag Kater Sylvester. I am sorry my german is too poor.

Thank you for taking the time to sign up at TPR.

I think the more that crunch Docking the better. I would like you to turn all your quad cores to the task in hand please! I think you can do better than 70k RAC. Let’s see what Kater Sylvester can do???

I have a song for you from my home town.

Vielen Dank.


Hi @ all

Thank you for the warm wellcome. Verry frendly. :slight_smile:

You are right. The RAC should be more than 70 k credit. But at the moment I have trouble with some computer. Three will not run with Docking (a bug in the client software? if used Q9550 in combination with Windows 7). Two Q9550 are waiting to repair.
33 computers make a lot of work. :furious:
But I will do my best. :slight_smile:

If I see the images of the cat… I never thought that I’m so good looking :slight_smile:

Hi Sylvester.

I have a personal question if you don’t mind. Are all of the 33 PC’s owned by you???



[QUOTE=Butuz;456432]Hi Sylvester.

I have a personal question if you don’t mind. Are all of the 33 PC’s owned by you???


I think he is a crazy cat.



Hi Butuz

All computer I have are constructed and owned by myself. And also the electrical power I have to pay by myself. This is the biggest part.:realmad:

unterstudienrat is right. I’m a crazy cat. :slight_smile:

Wow!!! That is some very very impressive and excellent dedication to distributed computing Mister Cat!!!

I would really like to build a nice Docking farm. But I have to move house first so hmm not sure if it will ever happen. We can hope though!!

I take my hat off to you Sylvester!!!


it would seem both teams are having random down days in credit and then nice booster days. Today seems to have been our booster day, that RAC gap isn’t as big as once was … :slight_smile:

1.6million in it now - and my two servers can stay on for another week or so now :slight_smile:


Wohoo on top again!!! Go go go TPR!!! Everyone buy more PC’s!! Let’s pull that cat’s tail :smiley:


seems we’re running a nice high at the moment :woot:


Never fear, Bloss is watching you…

This time it was not the cat.:frowning:




[QUOTE=unterstudienrat;456808]This time it was not the cat.:frowning:



Some of P3D members seem to have a sixth sense about when some high credit/low crunch time units get released… I noticed this last time some rogue units came out…

Looks as though we bagged some… luckily…